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Magic Compost

A soil supercharger to improve plant health

The Magic Compost is made with a variety of local materials and optimized for microbes' biodiversity. Using the compost helps to: 

  • Improve soil structure - better water retention and air pockets for roots

  • Increases accessible nutrients for plants

A little goes a long way. Adding the Magic Compost keeps your soil alive and rich, nourishing your plants.  

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Magic Compost: Our Story

Precise production for quality.

Recipe, process, time. 

The Magic Compost is made with a variety of local materials to ensure that there is diversity of nutrients and microbes. We have experimented with 13 different types of local materials. 

We monitor the temperature closely to understand when the compost pile is fully ready. Ample time is given for the organic matter to break down into quality compost. 

Finally, we examine it under the microscope to analyze the microbiology before sending it out for sale. Microbes such as nematodes, protozoa and fungi are beneficial to soil and plant growth.

Magic Compost: Our Story
Magic Compost: Testimonials
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My guava plant has put up more shoots and buds upon applying Soil Social Compost, together with my usual Gen2+ MOFPF and Bloom Boom application (from Gardeners' Haven).

The plant's buds increased from 16 to 22 within 10 days. Quite amazing with this combination.

Goh Hung Pin
Home Gardening Singapore FB