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Better Soil. Healthier Plants.

Proper compost to make gardening easy for you.


Our Compost

How We Are Different

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Rich in Beneficial Microbes and Fungi

To boost plant health and deter pests and diseases


Smells and Feels Good

Fresh like forest floor


About Us

Boosting plant health with rich soil microbiology

Soil Social was born from the desire to provide better soil.

Through our journey as gardeners and farmers, we found that there is little understanding of what separates dirt from soil. It is the diverse groups of living beneficial microbes that make up the Soil Food Web. 

We want to empower more people with our specialised compost and soil mixes to make gardening easy. 

Our mission is to use our compost to help sequester more carbon in the ground, to help mitigate and adapt to change in Singapore.