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Healthier Soil.
Thriving Plants

Organic compost to make gardening easy for you.

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Our Compost

How We Are Different

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Rich in Beneficial Microbes and Fungi

To boost plant health and deter pests and diseases


Smells and Feels Good

A complete composting process produces odourless and fluffy compost

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Made Sustainably with Local Waste

Diverting organic waste from landfills to create biodiverse plant food

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About Us

Soil Social was born from the desire to improve soil quality around the world.

Through our journey as gardeners and farmers, we found that there is little understanding of what makes good soil.

This inspired us to produce high-quality compost using local waste, based on Dr. Elaine's™ Soil Food Web Approach. Our method ensures an optimal environment for beneficial microorganisms, fungi and arthropods to thrive in compost. This ecosystem breaks down organic matter into accessible nutrients for plants' uptake, boosting plant health. 

We want to empower more people to garden easily with our specialised compost and soil mixes, catering to the plants' unique needs. 

Our mission is to use our compost to sequester more carbon in the ground and close the resource loop, mitigating climate change. 

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Our Story

Watch this video to learn about our mission to create a decentralized composting system and quality compost in Singapore!

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