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Our Team

Passionate in regenerative gardening and farming

Our team comprises of the two co-founders, Ee Peng and Jayden.

Ee Peng had been growing for the past 9 years - 3 years doing organic farming in Japan and have designed gardens at Edible Garden City and Wah Son Engineering. Jayden has been supporting projects looking into sustainable and regenerative agriculture solutions for the past 2 years. 

We got together because we wanted to make a change in the gardening and landscaping scene in Singapore, reducing the waste that is generated locally into high quality plant food. #WasteToWonder

We want to start with the basic element of all: soil. If we can unlock greater understanding and availability of great soil, then we can work with the fertility to solve some of the world's grandest challenges: addressing climate change and the need to feed 9 billion. 

Step by step, we hope to contribute to greater abundance with a regenerative mindset. Join us in our journey to better soil, easier gardening and to build a better world. 

About our Team: Our Story

Our Method

Backed by scientific testing and experimentation

To ensure that our compost has a complete and rich diversity of beneficial living microbes, we dedicate time under the microscope to analyse each compost batch. 

We also put our compost to test by running plant experiments, to validate its efficacy in boosting plant growth, pests and diseases prevention. 

These data will help us to continuously iterate to improve our compost recipes.  

About our Team: Our Mission
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