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The Magic Composter

Odour and pest free home composting kit.
Designed and built by Soil Social 🇸🇬 

Magic Composter: Our Story

How it works

Magic Composter: Impact
Plants on Terrace

Nifty and modular

Great for all homes

The Magic Composter takes up a small footprint and you can place it in your balcony, corridor or utility room.

Accelerated process

Powered by the Magic Substrate

The composting substrate is infused with compost tea brewed by us - it is enriched with beneficial microbes that help to break down food waste quicker.

The Magic Substrate also absorbs liquid from food waste, keeping your mixture at the optimal moisture level. 

Free of odour and pests

Built-in ventilation filters

The Magic Composter allows for sufficient oxygen to pass through its ventilation filters. 

Pests will be deterred from entering the bin as its lid is tightly covered. 

Magic Composter: Pro Gallery
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Magic Composter: Sales Lead
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